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News from the Web2.0 Summit…

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Read Write Web ran last month a series of posts outlining the 5 biggest Internet trends of the year: Structured Data, Real-Time Web, Personalization, Mobile Web / Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, which main points have been compiled into a single presentation available below and on Slideshare. They think these trends show that we are indeed at an inflexion point of the Web, as Tim O’Reilly noted at the Web 2.0 Summit this week.

ReadWriteWeb's Top 5 Web Trends in 2009

View more presentations from Richard MacManus.

Like every year, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker does her presentation of Internet trends. Like last year, mobile is a big trend this year. The overall message was that financial markets have rebounded now and that tehnology is relatively impressive. Here are some highlights from Meeker’s presentation (full report here):

Morgan Stanley Web2.0 Summit Slide 1

Web2.0 Summit Slide 2

Morgan Stanley Web2.0 Summit Slide 3

Find out all the news coverage from the Web 2.0 Summit here.

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